Park Rules

  1. Rent is due on the 1st day of each month. A late penalty of $50 will be charged for all rents not received by 5pm on the 5th day of the month. Money orders and checks will be the only form of payment accepted. If a check bounces, there will be a $25 charge and a money order will be required.
  2. Each park resident is required to provide management with their most current contact information and one additional emergency contact.
  3. A home owner cannot sublet their RV. 
  4. House guests (anyone that was not on the original tenant application) planning on staying more than 7 days must also complete a $40 application/background check and be approved. For everyone’s safety and security, we must know who lives in your community.
  5. Please establish and maintain your mailing address with the US Post office. Lone Pine employees are not allowed to do this for you. All mail with address errors, aliases, etc will be returned to the post office.
  6. No fences allowed.
  7. Every resident is responsible for keeping their property neat and clean from trash and debris. Only 4 items are approved for outside use: 2 bicycles per home, barbecue grill, lawn furniture made for outdoor use only. Smokers please do not throw the cigarette butts on the ground.
  8. All contractors and/or sub-contractors hired by a resident under formal agreement, whether written or verbal, are to provide certificates of insurance with General Liability limits for their work of at least  $1,000,000 BI/PD per occurrence.
  9. Please do not create loud noise between sunset and sunrise; including construction work, barking dogs, lawn maintenance etc. Please respect your neighbor’s peace and quiet, especially during these hours. Barking dogs that cannot be controlled must be removed.
  10. All RV and Mobile Home Owners are responsible for their own insurance. In the event of a storm, wind, or fire causing damage to your home, Lone Pine RV Park is not responsible.  This includes damage from debris and trees. Please carry the correct amount of insurance for your situation.
  11. RV lots and common use areas are mowed by a private contractor and Lone Pine staff.
  12. Pet Policy – 2 spayed/neutered pets per home max. Proof of vaccinations required.
  13. Dogs are to be on a leash at all times and their mess should be picked up each time by their owners.
  14. Cats are to be indoor pets. Per Hillsborough County animal control we have the right to capture cats that are left outside unattended and they will come pick them up. Every cat owner must bring their cat(s) inside.
  15. Visiting children 12 and under must be supervised at all times around the park.
  16. Non working cars and boats must be removed from the property.
  17. Please keep the satellite dishes less than 18 inches in diameter.
  18. No trees or plants that will grow taller than 8’ in height are allowed to be planted in ground without written consent from management. Please keep in mind that the park has power (could be life threatening), data, water and sewer lines underground. Let us check with 811 before someone gets hurt. Thank you.
  19. Please obey the 10 mph speed limit and ONE WAY flow of traffic.
  20. All garbage must be bagged and thrown into the dumpster and not left on the side. Please brake down trash before throwing it into the dumpster. Please keep lids closed.
  21. Please do not hang clothes outside to dry. This really looks bad and brings down the appeal of the community.
  22. Cars are to be driven on the roads only and parked in your designated spot parallel to your home. Please do not park on the grass on the side of the roads. Please do not drive across the vacant RV lots. There are sewer and water pipes that will break and this will affect everyone.
  23. Every RV and mobile home must have a working bathroom per Hillsborough county ordinance. Otherwise, it is deemed inhabitable and the county will make you remove it.
  24. Please do not use community water to wash cars, boats, trailers, RV’s, mobile homes, etc. Otherwise we will not be able to include county water and county sewer in your lot rent.
  25. Community Restrooms – Please pick up after oneself and make sure sinks and showers are turned completely off. Please turn the light switch off and shut the door when leaving (this will keep the rain and mosquitoes out).  
  26. Laundry Facility – Hours of Operation 8am-11pm. Out of respect of those who reside close to the laundry facility please do not use the laundry machines outside of these hours. Please keep the facility neat and clean, empty the lint compartment before using the dryers. Do not overfill the machines and do not leave clothes hanging or unattended.
  27. All RV sewer hoses are required to have a sewer hose support. This will keep the sewer hose off the ground and in clear view when we perform lawn maintenance. We will not be responsible for any sewer hoses that are damaged due to laying on the ground.

All RV lots will be governed under Florida Statute 513